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Lern- und Übungsmaterial für Englisch / Learning and Training Material for English

Strong and Anomalous Verbs in Various Tenses (Elementary)


Turn these verbs into the past tense (Vergangenheitsform)

1. I meet my friends at the weekends.

2. You don't read enough books.

3. She always rings the bell twice.

4. We don't say much to these proposals.

5. Don't they show you how to do your homework?

6. I speak English and German fluently.

7. They spend a lot of money on food and drink.

8. He takes lessons at night school.

9. We think highly of Mr Smyth.

10. Do you write short stories?

11. They don't learn much at that school.

Turn these verbs into the present perfect and past perfect (Vorgegenwart):

12. She gives a lot of money to charities.

13. You have all the information you need.

14. Do you hide the jewellery in a secret safe?

15. We don't understand the speech very well.

16. Does he leave the housework to his wife?

17. They lend money to house buyers.

18. I don't make that mistake.

19. Don't you read my notes?

20. They don't tell the truth.

Translate, using the same tenses as in German:

21. Fritz hat mir die Bücher gebracht.

22. Warum brannte das Licht die ganze Nacht?

23. Wir kauften den grauen Teppich nicht.

24. Haben sie viel Fisch gefangen?

25. Wir tun unsere Arbeit vor dem Wochenende.

26. Hattest du die Schlüssel vergessen?

27. War er zum Fest gekommen?

28. Ich flog am Dienstag nach Edinburg.

29. Sahst du den Film in der Stadt?

30. Warum hast du das rote Kleid nicht angezogen?