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Past Tense and Present Perfect
Fill in the verbs in the right form:

1.      I ______________________ (not, play) football last Sunday.

2.      When _____________________ (you, send) the first letter?

3.      Why _____________________ (John, not, go) to the swimming pool yet? 
I find he should go as the weather is fine, and the water is so pleasantly warm.

4.      ______________________ (you, travel around) when you were in Africa?

5.      The water in this river is very high. ______________________ (it, rain)?

6.      Two years ago Peter  ____________________ (begin) an English course.

7.      _____________________ (you, see) many Monuments when you were in England.

8.      I ____________________ (play) golf when I __________________ (be) in Scotland last summer.

9.      Steve, where is your surfboard?  -  I don't know. Somebody __________________ (steal) it.

10.  Why    __________________________ (Miriam, not, come) to school this morning? 
-  She ___________(have) a temperature and _____________________ (not, feel) well.

11.  Regula ________________ (sell) her new mountain-bike three weeks ago!

12.  ______________________ (you, know) many people when you were in London?

13.  Why _____________________ (Manuel, not, eat) his steak last night?

14.  The letters are no longer on the desk. Susan must ________________ ( to take) them to the post.

15.  The Smiths _________________ (to live) in Switzerland for many years now.

16.  Fritz ________________ (not, go) on holiday this year.

17.  I ____________________ (never, meet) my grandfather because he died twenty years ago.

18.  Mary and I ________________ (be) at school together last year.

19.  I     ______________ (do) my homework yesterday evening. When _______________ (you, do) yours?

20.  When  ________________ (you, visit) your sister Brigid?   ________________ (be) it in spring?

21.  My mother ________________ (just, read) a very interesting book about the Kechua Indians.

22.  We ________________ (buy) a new house one month ago because we ________________ (feel) 
that our present one ________________ (be) too small.

23.  Bill __________________ (not, play) volleyball for many weeks now.

24.  When __________________ (Rory, leave) to meet his father at the airport?

25.  I ________________ (spend) my holidays in Italy last year, but I  ___________________ (never, be) 
to Greece.