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Past Tense and Present Perfect

1.      I did not play football last Sunday.

2.      When did you send the first letter?

3.      Why hasn't John gone to the swimming pool yet? 
I find he should go as the weather is fine, and the water is so pleasantly warm.

4.      Did you travel around when you were in Africa?

5.      The water in this river is very high. Has it rained?

6.      Two years ago Peter began an English course.

7.      Did you see many monuments when you were in England?

8.      I played golf when I was in Scotland last summer.

9.      Steve, where is your surfboard? I don't know. Somebody has stolen it.

10.  Why didn't Miriam come to school this morning? She had a temperature and did not feel well.

11.  Regula sold her new mountain-bike three weeks ago!

12.  Did you know many people when you were in London?

13.  Why didn't Manuel eat his steak last night?

14.  The letters are no longer on the desk. Susan must have taken them to the post.

15.  The Smiths have been living in Switzerland for many years now. / The Smiths have lived ...

16.  Fritz has not gone on holiday this year. (He may still go!)

17.  I never met my grandfather because he died twenty years ago.

18.  Mary and I were at school together last year.

19.  I did my homework yesterday evening. When did you do yours?

20.  When did you visit your sister Brigid? Was it in spring?

21.  My mother has just read a very interesting book about the Kechua Indians.

22.  We bought a new house one month ago because we felt that our present one was too small.

23.  Bill has not played volleyball for many weeks now.

24.  When did Rory leave to meet his father at the airport?

25.  I spent my holidays in Italy last year, but I have never been to Greece.